Generate Aggregation (RapidMiner Studio Core)


This operator generates a new attribute by performing the specified aggregation function on every example of the selected attributes.


This operator can be considered to be a blend of the Generate Attributes operator and the Aggregate operator. This operator generates a new attribute which consists of a function of several other attributes. These 'other' attributes can be selected by the attribute filter type parameter and other associated parameters. The aggregation function is selected through the aggregation function parameter. Several aggregation functions are available e.g. count, minimum, maximum, average, mode etc. The attribute name parameter specifies the name of the new attribute. If you think this operator is close to your requirement but not exactly what you need, have a look at the Aggregate and the Generate Attributes operators because they perform similar tasks.



This operator performs the aggregation functions known from SQL. It provides a lot of functionalities in the same format as provided by the SQL aggregation functions. SQL aggregation functions and GROUP BY and HAVING clauses can be imitated using this operator.