Write QVX (Qlik Connector)


This operator writes data in Qlik's QVX data exchange format.


This operator can write Example Sets in Qlik's data exchange format QVX. The operator can either send the file as specified by the "file" parameter or send it to the output port labeled "file". If that port is connected, the "file" parameter can no longer be used and a file object is sent to the port. This file object can subsequently be used in two ways:

  • It can be further processed, e.g. written to the repository by using one of the file operators like Write File.
  • It sent to the result port of the process, e.g. when using it as output of a RapidMiner Server web service. This is an easy way to connect RapidMiner Server as a data source to Qlik.


  • input (Data Table)

    This input port expects an ExampleSet. It is the output of the Retrieve operator in the attached Example Process.


  • through (Data Table)

    The ExampleSet that was provided at the input port is delivered through this output port without any modifications. This is usually used to reuse the same ExampleSet in further operators of the process.

  • file (File)

    This port buffers the file object for passing it to the reader operators


  • fileThe file to which this operator will write the input example set. Only available if the file port is not connected. Range: filename
  • table nameThe name by which this table will be known in Qlik. Range: string