Trigger Zapier (Cloud Connectivity)


This operator allows you to use the Zapier service connecting to a huge collection of data sinks.


Zapier works by defining triggers and actions and combining them into Zaps. The operator can be used as such a trigger. Zapier can then be used to send data to arbitrary actions. Each example in your example set will trigger one action. Note: The Trigger Zapier operator therefore always needs another operator that provides an example set.

To use this operator, perform the following steps.

  • Create an account on and create a new Zap. (You can quickly get there by clicking the button next to the "zapier url" parameter of the "Trigger Zapier" operator.)
  • Select "RapidMiner" as the trigger service and "Trigger Zapier" operator as the trigger.
  • Select an action service from the list and an action.
  • In step 2 of the Zap creation ("Select RapidMiner account"), a URL is provided that you must first copy to the clipboard and then paste as the zapier url parameter of this operator
  • In step 3 of the Zap creation (Select an action service account) log in the Action service and grant access to the Zapier service.
  • The fields you can select in Step 5 ("Match up") correspond to the attributes of the example set received by this operator. Note: When you use this operator for the first time, the list may be empty. Therefore it is recommended to execute a dry run of your process in RapidMiner studio to let Zapier know which attributes will be expected. To that end, check the test hook parameter and run your process. It may be possible that you must refresh the Zapier page afterwards. Then you should be able to pick appropriate attributes from the attribute list.
  • In step 7 save and activate your trigger on the Zapier web page. In a productive run make sure that the test hook parameter is switched off.

If you run your process, you should see that one action in Zapier is triggered for each example in your example set.


  • example set in (Data Table)

    This will trigger your Zap once for each example in the example set.


  • example set in (Data Table)

    The same example set as received as an input.


  • zapier_url The URL to which your requests are sent. Zapier shows the URL in Step 2 ("Select a RapidMiner account"). Make sure to use HTTPS. Range: HTTPS url
  • test_hook If checked, only test messages will be sent to Zapier. These will not trigger your Zap. You can use test mode to populate the choices in Step 5 ("Match up") of the Zap editor. Range: boolean