Delete Amazon S3 (Cloud Connectivity)


This operator deletes the specified file from the Amazon S3 cloud storage.


After you have configured your Amazon S3 account, you can delete an Amazon S3 file with this operator.


  • file (File)

    The file object that you want to delete. This must be an Amazon S3 file, provided by e.g. a Delete Amazon S3 output port. Alternatively, you can select the file using the file parameter that is only shown if the file input port is not connected.

  • connection (Connection)

    This input port expects a Connection object if any. See the parameter connection entry for more information. Using both the file and the connection ports is redundant and not recommended as the file already contains the connection information.

  • through (IOObject)

    This is an optional port. Any object connected at this port is delivered without any modifications to the through output port.


  • connection (Connection)

    This output port delivers the Connection object from the input port. If the input port is not connected the port delivers nothing.

  • through (IOObject)

    Any object connected to the through is delivered here without any modification.


  • connection_source This parameter indicates how the connection should be specified. It gives you two options, predefined and repository. The parameter is not visible if the connection input port is connected. Range: selection
  • connection_entry This parameter is only available when the connection source parameter is set to repository. This parameter is used to specify a repository location that represents a connection entry. The connection can also be provided using the connection input port. Range: string
  • connection This parameter is only available when the connection source parameter is set to predefined. The connection details for the Amazon S3 connection have to be specified. If you have already configured an Amazon S3 connection, you can select it from the drop-down list. If you have not configured an Amazon S3 connection yet, select the icon to the right of the drop-down list. Create a new Amazon S3 connection in the Manage connections box. The account name and account key are required. Range: configurable
  • file Select the Amazon S3 resource you want to delete. Note that you need Read and Execute permissions on the root directory to be able to list its content. Alternatively, you can use the file input port to specify the file to be deleted, in which case, this parameter is hidden and its value is ignored. Range: selection
  • fail_if_missing If this parameter is set to true then the operator will throw an error if the resource does not exist. Range: boolean
  • recursive If selected, the loop will also iterate over all files in all subfolders of the selected folder. Otherwise, it will only iterate over the files in the selected folder. Range: boolean