Read Google Drive (Cloud Connectivity)


This operator downloads the specified file from Google Drive™.


After you have configured your Google Drive account, you can load the Google Drive file with this operator.

Be aware that the operator cannot read the file as an example set. For this reason, you must connect the Read Google Drive operator to another appropriate operator to read the file. For example, if you want to load an Excel file from Google Drive, you must connect the Read Google Drive operator with the Read Excel operator to see the result.


  • connection (Connection)

    This input port expects a Connection object if any. See the parameter connection entry for more information.


  • connection (Connection)

    This output port delivers the Connection object from the input port. If the input port is not connected the port delivers nothing.

  • file (File)

    The downloaded file object is returned here. Must be connected to a appropriate Read Operator, for example Read Excel or Read CSV.


  • file_id Select the Google Drive file id you want to download. The Google Drive file id is visible in the URL of the requested Google Drive resource. You can learn more about Google Drive files here. Please note that it is not possible to directly download Google Workspace files. These require an export mime type to which the functionality for this is provided in the other parameters. Range: string
  • mime_type_conversion This parameter is used to specify a Google Workspace document export MIME type operation. This will only be relevant if the file id is a Google Workspace document. Automatic is the default option which will export to the corresponding MS office. e.g. Google Spreadsheets to MS Excel. None will download the selected file id as a blob without any export operation. However, if your file is a Google Workspace document the download will fail. Manual will allow you to specify the MIME type you would like to use for the export operation. Range: selection
  • mime_type This parameter is only available when the mime type conversion parameter is set to manual. Specify the MIME type to be used on the export operation. To learn more about Google Workspace documents and corresponding export MIME types, please look at the this Google Drive API resource. Range: string