Read DASYLab (Advanced File Connectors)


This operator can read DASYLab data files.


This operator allows to import data from DASYLab files (.DDF) into RapidMiner. Currently only universal format 1 is supported. External files (.DDB) and histogram data are currently not supported.

The parameter timestamp allows to configure whether and what kind of timestamp should be included in the example set. If it is set to relative, the timestamp attribute captures the amount of milliseconds since the file start time. If it is set to absolute, the absolute time is used to timestamp the examples.


  • file

    A DASYLab file is expected as a file object which can be created with other operators with file output ports like the Read File operator.


  • output (Data Table)

    This port delivers the DASYLab file in tabular form along with the meta data. This output is similar to the output of the Retrieve operator.


  • filenameName of the file to read the data from. Range: filename
  • datamanagementDetermines, how the data is represented internally. Range: selection
  • timestampSpecifies whether to include an absolute timestamp, a timestamp relative to the beginning of the file (in seconds) or no timestamp at all. Range: selection