Read SAS (SAS Connector)


This operator is used for reading an SAS file.


This operator can read SAS (Statistical Analysis System) files. Please study the attached Example Process for understanding the use of this operator. Please note that when an SAS file is read, the roles of all the attributes are set to regular. Numeric columns use the "real" data type, nominal columns use the "polynominal" data type in RapidMiner.


  • file

    An SAS file is expected as a file object which can be created with other operators with file output ports like the Read File operator.


  • output (Data Table)

    This port delivers the SAS file in tabular form along with the meta data. This output is similar to the output of the Retrieve operator.


  • fileThe path of the SAS file is specified here. It can be selected using the choose a file button. Range: filename

Tutorial Processes

Use of the SAS operator

An SAS file is loaded using the Open File operator and then read via the Read SAS operator.