Write MongoDB (NoSQL)


Writes documents to a MongoDB collection.


This operator stores JSON/BSON documents in the specified MongoDB collection.


  • documents (Collection)

    The example set(s) containing the entries which should be transformed to JSON documents.

  • connection (Connection)

    This input port expects a Connection object if any. See the parameter connection entry for more information.


  • documents (Collection)

    The documents that have been written to the collection. This collection is a subset of the input collection: skipped documents are not included.

  • connection (Connection)

    This output port delivers the Connection object from the input port. If the input port is not connected the port delivers nothing.


  • connection_source This parameter indicates how the connection should be specified. It gives you two options, predefined and repository. The parameter is not visible if the connection input port is connected. Range: selection
  • connection_entry This parameter is only available when the connection source parameter is set to repository. This parameter is used to specify a repository location that represents a connection entry. The connection can also be provided using the connection input port. Range: string
  • mongodb_instance This parameter is only available when the connection source parameter is set to predefined. The MongoDB instance to be used for storing the documents can be specified here. Range: Configurable
  • write_concern The write concern which controls the acknowledgment of write operations by MongoDB. See the MongoDB documentation for details. Range: Selection
  • collection The MongoDB collection in which the documents are stored. Range: String
  • skip_invalid_documents If checked, invalid documents (i.e., not in JSON format) are skipped and a warning is logged. Otherwise, the process execution is stopped. Range: Boolean