Create Project (AI Hub) (Admin Tools)


This operator creates a Project on an AI Hub.


This operator creates a Project on an AI Hub. It returns the same columns as the Get Projects for a single Project.


  • con (Connection)

    An AI Hub Connection IOObject.


  • con

    The AI Hub Connection IOObject from the input port, delivered as a passthru.

  • exa (Data Table)

    An ExampleSet containing information about the created Project on an AI Hub.


  • name The URL conform ID of the Project, e.g., my-test-project Range:
  • display_name The display name of the Project, e.g., My Test Project Range:
  • description The description of the Project, e.g., This Project is an attempt to solve a problem. Range:
  • initialize Optional parameter to initialize the underlying Git repository Range:
  • lfs_enabled Optional parameter if LFS (large file support) is enabled for the underlying git repository Range:
  • permissions A map of group name and their privileges (access which translates to AI Hub's READ and WRITE permissions) and owner which translates to AI Hub's OWNER privilege Range:
  • fail_on_error Determine if process fails when there was an error invoking the creation request. Range:
  • secret The optional secret to encrypt certain assets in your Project. If none is set, AI Hub will generate one automatically. Format is JSON. Range: