Kill Job (AI Hub) (Admin Tools)


This operator kills a job running on an AI Hub.


This operator kills a job (identified by the job id parameter and can be obtained either from the AI Hub web interface or by using the Get Jobs (AI Hub) operator.) currently running in a job container (i.e. you can see it running either via the Executions page on the web interface, or the state = 'Running' in the resulting ExampleSet via the Get Jobs operator in this extension). The functionality of this operator is conceptually equivalent to clicking the 'Stop' button when a process is running locally in RapidMiner Studio, and is exactly the same as clicking the 'Stop' icon on the Execution page in the AI Hub web interface.

As with other operators in this extension, the input of this operator requires an AI Hub Connection IOObject with sufficient information and credentials (server_url, client_secret, and refresh_token) to access the AI Hub API. You can create an AI Hub connection IOObject in Studio by going to Create Connections selection in the Connections menu. The client_secret and refresh tokens can be obtained by logging to the AI Hub as an administrator in the web interface and then directly navigating to this URL: [server_url]/get-token. If all the information is entered correctly, a new AI Hub Connection IOObject will appear in the Connections folder of your repository. This Connection IOObject now can be connected to any Admin extension operator con input port when needed.

Note: Some kill requests may not immediately take effect, either because the job container is unresponsive, or because the job container is waiting for an operator to complete its task before killing the entire job. If you wish to force kill a job, you can select the force option. However please be aware that force killing a job could have unanticipated, severe effects on the AI Hub, such as an automatic restart of the job container running the job.


  • con (Connection)

    An AI Hub Connection IOObject.


  • con

    The AI Hub Connection IOObject from the input port, delivered as a passthru.

  • exa (Data Table)

    An ExampleSet containing the id of the killed job and any log messages from the AI Hub.

A job id, expressed as a multipart hexadecimal e.g. 45d39d65-9ce0-460c-bc62-5f4ad1fbf5ac If true, the job will be killed "forcefully" with no regard to the current or future health of the job container.