Deploy Project (RTSA) (Admin Tools)


This operator allows you to deploy a project onto a RTSA


This operator deploys a project on a Real-Time Scoring Agent in two steps. In the first step a .zip file with all the contents is downloaded from the AI Hub. The is downloaded to hard disk. This process can take a while, if projects are larger.


In a second step this zip file is taken and send to the RTS Agent.


  • rtsa_connection (Connection)

    A RTSA Connection with the URL to the RTSA

  • aihub_connection (Connection)

    An AI Hub connection object with sufficient information and credentials (server_url, client_secret, and refresh_token) to access the AI Hub API.


  • rtsa_connection (Connection)

    The RTSA connection object from the input port, delivered as a passthru.

  • exa (Data Table)

    A data set the settings of the deployed process as well as the answers from the two web services.


  • deployment_name Name of the deployment. This is a unique name of how you want to call your deployment. Also called basePath in the API. Range:
  • deployment_location Specifies what folder of your project you want to deploy. All processes which are on the top level relative to this location will be exposed as a webservice. Range:
  • repository_name Name of the repository to deploy. For example "sample-test". Range:
  • git_reference The git reference you want to deploy. If you want to deploy the current state, choose master. You can also use other branches and so on to deploy. Range:
  • time_out Time out for the request to get the deployment from AI Hub. May need to be increased for larger deployments. Range:
  • connections A list of connection names of Projects, e.g. /Connections/My Sample would be My Sample. Connections in deployments cannot contain vault entries or parameters that are set to be injected. Range: