Get Endpoints (RTSA) (Admin Tools)


This operator gets a list of all active webservice endpoints on a Real-Time Scoring Agent (RTSA).


This operator gets a list of all active endpoints on a Real-Time Scoring Agent (RTSA). Note that an RTSA can have multiple endpoints per deployment, and multiple deployments. See documentation for more information:

The resulting ExampleSet contains the deployment name, endpoint path, whether or not it is deployed in continuous mode, and if so, its sleep time.

As with other operators in this extension, the input of this operator requires an RTSA Connection IOObject with the RTSA URL and credentials (user_name and password, if basic_authis selected in the authentication field) if needed to access the RTSA API. You can create an RTSA connection IOObject in Studio by going to Create Connections selection in the Connections menu and selecting 'RTSA' as the Connection Type. A user_name and password can be obtained by logging to the AI Hub as an administrator in the web interface and, under 'Admin Tools', going to 'Platform Administration'. Once in this module, select 'Scoring Access Control' from the sidebar and enter the appropriate information in the 'Add new user to the scoring service' section.


  • rtsa_connection (Connection)

    An RTSA Connection IOObject.


  • rtsa_connection (Connection)

    The RTSA Connection IOObject from the input port, delivered as a passthru.

  • exa (Data Table)

    An ExampleSet containing information about all active endpoints deployed on an RTSA.