Retrieve from Custom Extension (Custom Operators)


This Operator can access stored information in a custom extension and load them into the Process. The objects to retrieve here must have been stored in the custom extension via the Repository folder in Extension > Create Custom Extension.


The Retrieve from Custom Extension Operator loads a RapidMiner Object into the Process. This Object is often an ExampleSet but it can also be a Collection or a Model. Retrieving data this way also provides the meta data of the RapidMiner Object.


This Operator is like the different Read <source> Operators in the Data Access group but for data that has been stored in a custom extension.


  • output (IOObject)

    It returns the RapidMiner Object which was specified via the parameters.


  • extension_name The name of the custom extension from which to retrieve the object. Range:
  • object_name The name of the RapidMiner Object which should be loaded. It must have been stored previously in the custom extension. Range: