Generate Image (LLM) (Generative AI)


This operator generates an image using a large language model.


This operator uses the API from OpenAI to create an image from a prompt. The prompt you define in the operator is sent to openai and the large language model is used to then create an answer for you.

In order to use this operator you have to provide an API key for OpenAI. This requires you to sign up on You can then create a new key at This can then be used to create a connection object.


  • input (Connection)

    An OpenAI connection object which contains your API key.

  • doc

    A document with the prompt to use. This is an alternative to the prompt operator.


  • doc

    A file object with the image. If you chose to get more than one image you receive a collection of images.

  • con (Connection)

    The connection object passed thru


  • prompt The prompt you would like to answer. Range:
  • size The size of the output image in pixels. Range:
  • number_of_images Number of images you receive. If a number bigger than one is provided the output on the fil port is a collection of files. Range:

Tutorial Processes