Generate Text (LLM) (Generative AI)


This operator generates text using large language model.


This operator uses the API from OpenAI to create a text from a prompt. The prompt you define in the operator is sent to OpenAI and the large language model is used to then create a text for you.

In order to use this operator you have to provide an API key for openAI. This requires you to sign up on You can then create a new key at This can then be used to create a connection object.

This operator uses the completion API of OpenAI.


  • input (Connection)

    An OpenAI connection object which contains your API key.

  • doc

    A document with the prompt to use. This is an alternative to the prompt operator.


  • doc

    A document object with the answer to your prompt.

  • con (Connection)

    The connection object passed thru.


  • model The model to be used. Range:
  • prompt The prompt you would like to enter. Range:
  • max_tokens Maximum number of tokens (length) of the input and output. Range:

Tutorial Processes