Get Models (OpenAI) (Generative Models)


Get all organization models from OpenAI


Gets information about all models owned by the organization from OpenAI. One of the pieces of information you will get are the model IDs which can be used as parameters for operators such as Delete Finetuned Model or Send Prompt.


  • connection (Connection)

    A Dictionary Connection providing the API key as a key value pair with a key named 'api_key'.


  • data (Data Table)

    A data set containing information about all your custom / finetuned models.

  • connection (Connection)

    The input connection.


  • conda_environment The conda environment used for this downloading task. Additional packages may be installed into this environment, please refer to the extension documentation for additional details on this and on version requirements for Python and some packages which have be present in this environment. Range:

Tutorial Processes

Get all finetuned models from OpenAI

If you have finetuned models on OpenAI you may end up with multiple models. This operator delivers some basic information about all models which have been finetuned by your organization. You can use their models in an Send Prompt operator or delete the model with a given ID with the Delete Finetuned Model operator.