Get Collection Info (Milvus) (Generative Models)


Fetches information for a collection from the vector database Milvus


Fetches some information for a collection in the Milvus vector database. The collection name is specified with the parameter and the result is a data set containing information about the collection such as the name and the count. The connection to the database needs to be provided as input to this operator. The connection must have type Dictionary Connection with the keys 'uri' and 'token'.


  • connection (Connection)

    A Dictionary Connection to a Milvus vector database.


  • data (Data Table)

    A data set with all relevant information about a collection.

  • connection (Connection)

    The input connection which is passed through here as output.


  • collection The name of the collection for which the information should be fetched. Range:
  • conda_environment The conda environment used for this task. Please refer to the extension documentation for additional details on this and on version requirements for Python and all used packages in this environment. Range:

Tutorial Processes

Get information about a Milvus collection

This operator fetches and delivers some information about a Qdrant collection such as the name and the number of stored documents. Please note that you will need to have a Milvus database running for this tutorial to work. The database connection must be delivered as input for this tutorial to work. The connection must be a Dictionary Connection with the keys 'uri' and 'token'.