Read Image (Image Processing)


Reads a image either from disc or from a file object and returns it as an ImageIOObject


This operator is able to read a wide variety of image types including jpg, png and pdf.



    • image

      The image as an ImageIOObject


    • show_pdf_options If set to true options for PDF import are shown. This includes DPI of the image, the option to read all pages as well as the enforcement to use PDF parsing. Range:
    • dpi Quality of the image if you read pdf files. Only applicable for PDFs. Range:
    • read_all_pages If a PDF is selected an this is set to true all pages of the pdf are read and a collection of images is delivered. If it is set to false only the first page is returned as an ImageIOObject. Range:
    • enforce_pdf If set to true the input will be treated as a PDF. Usually the operator decides on the ending of the file, if it should treat is as an image or PDF. Sometimes you have files which do not end with pdf, but are PDFs. An example for this are results from Get File, which are buffered on disc and end on .dump. You can use this option to still read those correctly. Range:

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