Table to Image (Image Processing)


Converts one or more tables into an Image.


This operator can be used to create an image from a given table or more than one table in the case of colored images.


A grey scale image is a matrix (2D-Array), where each cell represents the intensity of a pixel. If the user provides a single table at the left hand side input port the operator turns this table into such a matrix. Please not that attribute order matters here.


In the case of colored images it is common practice to represent them with three matrices (or one tensor). One for blue, green and red color. If you provide a collection with three tables to the operator the operator will convert those three tables into a colored image. Note that each table has to have the exact same number of attributes, examples and the same attribute names.


  • exa

    Either a table or a collection of tables with the matrix data.


  • img

    The resulting image.

  • ori

    The original input into the operator passed through.

Tutorial Processes

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