Align Image (Image Processing)


Aligns an image to a given template image


Sometimes you have images which should be similar to another image, but may be slightly different. An example for this can be scans of a form. While all scans are of the same form they are shifted or rotated compared to the template form. This operator allows you to align or calibrate an image with respect to a given reference image

This operator works in three steps. First we detect key points - like very charateristic points - on the template and the provided image.

We then take the selected key points and run a match operation to match the keypoints from the template and the provided image.

After having a set of matches we calculate the transformation to transform the keypoints move the key points from one image to another. This method is called homography.


  • image

    The image object which should be aligned

  • template

    The template image this image should be aligned to.


  • aligned_image

    The aligned image.

  • intermediate_results (Collection)

    A collection with the two input images and annotated keypoints. Only available if connected.


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