Erode Image (Image Processing)


Erodes an image


Morphological operations are a set of operations that process images based on shapes. It applies a structuring element to an input image and generate an output image. Erosion is another most basic morphological operation which is much similar to dilation except the fact that it erodes the boundaries of the foreground object and is used to diminish the features/elements of an image.

The determined minimum pixel is applied to the area of the picture underneath the anchor point. Unlikely dilation, the areas with darker tones are expanded while fading to a whiter or brighter side.


  • image

    The image object to erode


  • image

    The eroded image.

  • ori

    The original image.


  • erosion_width The width of the erosion operation. Range:
  • erosion_height The height of the erosion operation. Range:

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