Get Runs (MLFlow)


Get all the runs in a given experiment on an MLFlow Server


This operator retrieves all the runs in a given experiment on an mlflow server. It returns two different objects.

Firstly it returns a collection of RunIOObjects. They can be used together with operators like Log Run or Delete Run to interact with the run.

Secondly it provides a table with all the information on the run. It's id, name, date as well as logged metrics and paramters


  • con (Connection)

    Connection to a MLFlow Server


  • exa (Data Table)

    Table with the information on the generated run

  • run

    A Collection of RunIOObjects with all the runs in the experiment

  • through (Data Table)

    A table with the meta data information on the runs.


  • experiment_name Name of the experiment to get the runs for. Range: configurable

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