Store(Tagged) (Operator Toolbox)


This operator stores an IO Object in the data repository.


This operator stores an IO Object at a location in the data repository. The location of the object to be stored is specified through the repository entry parameter. The stored object can be used by other processes by using the Retrieve operator. Please see the attached Example Processes to understand the basic working of this operator. The Store operator is used to store an ExampleSet and a model in the Example Processes.


  • input (Data Table)

    This port expects an IO Object. In the attached Example Processes an ExampleSet and a model are provided as input


  • thr (Data Table)

    The IO Object provided at the input port is delivered through this output port without any modifications.This is usually used to reuse the same IO Object in further operators of the process.


  • repository_entry This parameter is used to specify the location where the input IO Object is to be stored.. Range:

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