Extract Last Modifying Operator (Operator Toolbox)


This operator takes the IOObject which is delivered to its input port and extracts the name of the last operator which modified it as an macro. The name of the macro can be specified. In addition an annotation with the name of the last operator can be added to the IOObject. The IOObject is passed to the output port without any changes.


  • through (IOObject)

    The input object.


  • through (IOObject)

    The input object is passed through the operator and is delivered at the output port.


  • macro_name The name of the macro containing the source of the IOObject. Range:
  • annotate_objects If this parameter is set to true, an annotation with the source of the IOObject is added to the object. Range:
  • annotation_name The name of the annotation containing the source of the IOObject. Range:

Tutorial Processes

Train different learners and extract learner name

In this tutorial process, the 'weighting' data set is splitted into a training and a test set. Within a loop, three different models are trained (selected by the 'Select Subprocess' operator). The name of the current model is automatically extracted by the 'Extract Last Modifying Operator' operator and used as an index attribute in the 'Generate Attribute' operator. After the loop, a data set is created by the 'Pivot' operator which contains the confidences and predictions of the different models as additional attributes.