Set Parameters from ExampleSet (Operator Toolbox)


This operator sets operator parameters values based on a simple input ExampleSet.


This operator allows you to provide an ExampleSet containing attributes with operator name, parameter name and a value. This operator will replace the operator parameters with respective values provided. Be aware that the replacement will take place during runtime of this operator. Check the execution order if necessary.


  • exampleset (Data Table)

    The input ExampleSet containing the parameters to be set.

  • through (IOObject)

    Any object you want to pass through the operator.


  • through (IOObject)

    The input object is passed through the operator and is delivered at the output port.


  • operator_name_attribute The attribute with the name of the operators which parameters are changed. Range:
  • parameter_name_attribute The attribute with the name of the parameters to change. Range:
  • value_attribute The attribute with the values to set. Range:

Tutorial Processes

Set Parameters for Generate data and decision tree

This tutorial process sets the number of examples and number of attributes parameters of the Generate Data operator.

It also sets minimal gain and minimal leaf size for the decision tree operator.