Base64 to Image (Operator Toolbox)


This operator transforms a base64 encoded image back into an actual image file object.


This operator can be be used to convert images back from their base64 encoded strings. Base64 encoding is often used to transfer binary files (such as images) over web services.

For example it can be used in combination with a Real-Time-Scoring-Agent (RTSA).


  • input (File)

    File that only contains the base64 encoded string.


  • output (File)

    Converted image as a file object. It can be stored again or used in combination with other operators that can handle images. The output format is always *.png.


  • base64_textThe base64 encoded image as text input. In case the string is not provided by the file input port. Range: configurable

Tutorial Processes

Decode a base64 encoded image back into a file

This tutorial loads an image from a website. Then it's first converted into a base64 encoding string and this string value is then put into the Base64 to Image operator to be converted back into an image file object.