Execute Remote Program (Operator Toolbox)


This operator allows you to run programs on a distant computer using ssh


This operator executes a shell command, which is executed on a remote computer. The operator opens a secure channel and then executes whatever command given.

The result of the command (what you see on the terminal screen) is returned as a Document object.


  • con (Connection)

    The passed through connection object.


  • doc (IOObject)

    The result of the command as a document.

  • error (IOObject)

    This documents holds the text which is returned by the command in the "error" category. Note that this does not necessarily mean, that the program failed. This can for example contain warnings.


  • command Command to execute on the remote computer. Range:
  • fail_on_error If set to true, the operator will throw an error if the sent command does not return the exit code of 0. If set to false the operator will just finish, but the error document contains both the exit status and the error text. Range:
  • write_to_log If set to true both, the normal output as well as the error output are written to the log file. In RapidMiner studio you can access the log by adding the respective panel. The logs of processes executed on a RapidMiner AI Hub are available in the Web-UI. Range:

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