Extract Token Number (Text Processing)


Extracts the number of tokens and adds it to the document's meta data.


This operator counts the number of tokens of the document and will add it to the meta data of the document. Therefore the key is used that might be specified as parameter. If the key already exists, it will be overwritten. Please keep in mind, that the meta data might be added as attribute after the processing of the documents, depending on the parameter of the Process Documents operator.


  • document

    The document port.


  • document

    The document port.


  • metadata_keyThe number of tokens will be added under this key. The key will become the name of the attribute after document processing. Range:
  • conditionThe condition a document must fulfill to be kept. Range:
  • stringThe string that should be compared to. Range:
  • regular_expressionThe regular expression for that should match. Range:
  • case_sensitiveSpecifies whether the comparison should be case-sensitive. Range:
  • invert_conditionSpecifies whether comparison outcome should be inverted. Range: