Read Documents (Mail) (Text Processing)


Reads documents from a mail store (e.g. IMAP or POP3).


  • connection (Connection)

    This port can take a connection of type Mail (retrieve).


  • output (Collection)

    The output port.

  • connection (Connection)

    If the input port connection has data, it will be put through to this output port.


  • mail_account The mail connection to use to retrieve the email. Only visible if the connection input port is not connected and the compatibility level is above 9.3.1. Range:
  • define_storeMail store connection can be defined by using either a session bound to a JNDI name, or explicitly by specifying host and user. Range:
  • jndi_nameJNDI name referencing a mail session. Range:
  • hostIMAP or POP3 host name Range:
  • userIMAP or POP3 user name Range:
  • passwordIMAP or POP3 password Range:
  • connection_propertiesAdditional properties for the mail store. Range:
  • protocolIMAP or POP3 Range:
  • only_unseenIf checked, only new unseen messages will be processed. Range:
  • mark_seenIf checked, all processed messages will be marked read. Only works with IMAP, not with POP3. Range:
  • delete_messagesIf checked, all processed messages will be deleted. Especially useful for POP3 Range:
  • recursiveRecurse into subfolders? Range:
  • folderName of the IMAP folder to scan. Must be INBOX for POP3. Range: