Window Document (Text Processing)


Windows a document and returns a collection of the windows.


This operator moves a sliding window over the tokens of a document and returns a collection containing a new document for each window. The size of the sliding window may be adapted as well as the step size the window is moved in each step.


  • document

    The document port.


  • documents (Collection)

    The documents port.


  • window_lengthDefines the number of tokens a window covers. The resulting document will contain a token sequence of that length. Range:
  • step_sizeDefines the number of tokens between the start of two windows. A step size of one would case each token to become first token of a window. Range:
  • extend_last_windowIf checked, the last window will be extended, so that it covers all remaining tokens. Otherwise incomplete windows will be added. Range:
  • parallelize_segment_processingDetermines whether the execution of Segment Processing should be parallelized. Range: