Annotations to Data (AI Studio Core)


Extracts all annotations from an IOObject and creates an example set from them.


The resulting data set will contain two columns: annotation contains the annotation names and is unique. value contains the respective annotation values.

For a general introduction of annotations please study the Annotate operator.


  • object (IOObject)

    Any type of object can be connected to this port. The annotations will be extracted from this object.


  • object through (IOObject)

    The same object as passed to the input port, unchanged.

  • annotations (Data Table)

    The annotations extracted from the input object. Will be empty if the object does not contain any annotations.


    Tutorial Processes

    Extracting annotations into a data set

    The process loads the Iris data set and extracts its annotations into a new example set. The only annotation will be the Source annotation which is created by the Retrieve operator.