Extract Macro from Annotation (AI Studio Core)


Extracts one or more annotations from an object and assigns its value to a macro.


For a general introduction to annotations please have a look at the help of the Annotate operator.


  • object (IOObject)

    Any type of object can be connected to this port. The annotations will be extracted from this object.


  • object (IOObject)

    The same object as passed to the input port, unchanged.


  • extract_allIf checked, all annotations are extracted to macros named the same as the annotations. Optionally, you can define a name prefix which is prepended to the macro names Range: boolean
  • macroDefines the name of the created macro. Range: string
  • annotationThe name of the annotation to be extracted. Range: string
  • name_prefixA prefix which is prepended to all macro names. Range: string
  • fail_on_missingIf checked, the operator breaks if the specified annotation can't be found; if it is unchecked an empty macro will be created. Range: boolean

Tutorial Processes

Extracting the Source annotation from an example set

The process loads the Iris data set. The Retrieve operator automatically creates the Source annotation which specifies from where the data has been loaded.

The Extract Macro from Annotation operator then extracts the value of that annotation into a macro, which is printed to the console in the next step. Have a look at the process log after executing the process!

To see the annotations of an object go to the results view and select the Annotations display option.