Send Mail (AI Studio Core)


This operator sends a mail.


This operator sends a mail with a given subject and body to a receiver.


  • connection (Connection)

    This port can take a connection of type Mail (send) to use as the mail sender. See also the parameter mail sender.

  • attachment (File)

    Files that should be attached to the Mail, the filename can be defined with the filenames parameter.


  • connection (Connection)

    If the input port connection has data, it will be put through to this output port.


  • mail_sender The mail connection to use to send the email. Range:
  • toReceiver of the email. Separate multiple receivers by comma. Range: string
  • subjectSubject for the email. Range: string
  • use_html Whether or not the body of the email should be HTML. Range: boolean
  • body_plain The body of the email, as plain text. Only visible and mandatory if use html is set to false. Range:
  • body_html The body of the email, as html text. Only visible and mandatory if use html is set to true. Range:
  • filenames A list of filenames, in the form of index/name pairs. Range: list
  • headers A list of additional mail headers, in the form of name/value pairs. Range: list

Tutorial Processes

Sending a file with attachments.

This Example Process shows how to convert data sets to readable formats like CSV or XSLT and attach these files to an email.