Multiply (AI Studio Core)


This Operator creates copies of an Altair RapidMiner Object.


The Operator takes the Altair RapidMiner Object from the input port and delivers copies of it to the output ports. Each connected port creates an independent copy. So changing one copy has no effect on other copies.


Many Operators have an output port named original or throughput, which does not change the input. By chaining Operators to one or more original ports also copies of an object can be created. But such a layout can get complicated very fast. The Multiply Operator helps to better structure a process.


  • input (IOObject)

    The input that should be copied. It can be any Altair RapidMiner Object.


  • output (IOObject)

    The copy of the input object. As one output port is connected, another output port is created for more copies. All ports deliver unchanged copies of the input object.

Tutorial Processes

Multiply an ExampleSet

In this tutorial Process the Multiply Operator creates two copies of the Titanic Example Set. All missing values of the first copy are replaced by the average value and then 100 random Examples are selected. The second copy is not modified. This illustrates that the copies are independent and changes on one copy are not applied on the other copies.