Welcome to Altair RapidMiner Technical Support

Hello, and welcome. We are glad that you are part of the Altair RapidMiner Community.

If you're here because you are having problems, we're sorry. We want you to know though that we at Altair RapidMiner, and our amazing Altair RapidMiner community of users, work hard to resolve issues large and small, basic to advanced.

If you're here for advice, to share knowledge, or just browse for ideas, take your time and look around. With community members all around the globe, there is always an Altair RapidMiner user, somewhere, building models and making predictions at lightning speed.

Types of Altair RapidMiner Support

Altair RapidMiner offers two types of support — Community and Enterprise.

Support Type Description
Community support Community support is a free, self-service option for users with no guaranteed service level agreement (SLA) in place. Through the community portal you have unlimited access to articles, questions and answers, and discussions contributed by Altair RapidMiner technical support personnel as well as the Altair RapidMiner community of users and partners.
Enterprise support Enterprise support includes all the benefits of Community support with the addition of purchased service level agreement (SLAs) for personalized, guaranteed response times. For organizations using Altair RapidMiner software in mission-critical scenarios, we recommend this comprehensive offering.

Contacting Support

The first step to accessing the Altair RapidMiner Support tools is to login with your credentials. If you don't have an account, click on SIGN UP to create one. (You can read these instructions for assistance, if necessary.)


If you do have a account, enter your registered email address and password, and click ACCESS.


Community support is available 24x7, requiring nothing more than an Internet connection.

Enterprise support customers — those who have purchased guaranteed response times — can open a support case any time. Response times vary, however, based on the severity level of the issue. With Support teams located around the globe, the Enterprise support desk is available across time zones. The Altair RapidMiner Support & Customer Maintenance Policy describes the details of this for-purchase Support option.