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Additional Resources

Books and other printed resources

Data Mining for the Masses

Data Mining for the Masses In this book, Professor Matt North, a former risk analyst and database developer for, uses RapidMiner to teach the basics of data mining. Simple examples, clear explanations, and demonstrated techniques help you answer your toughest business questions.

RapidMiner in Academic Use

RapidMiner in Academic Use There are many advantages to using RapidMiner for academic projects. This paper illustrates how you can use RapidMiner to perform data analyses in the data-driven sciences, evaluate newly developed data mining algorithms, and add a great amount of visibility and reproducibility to your results.

RapidMiner: Data Mining Use Cases and Business Analytics Applications

Data Mining Use Cases and Business Analytics Applications This book, written by leaders in the data mining community including RapidMiner developers, provides an in-depth look at the application of RapidMiner’s data mining and business analytics tools to diverse fields, including scientific research, medicine, industry, and commerce. It covers all relevant steps of the data mining process, from data loading to visualization to integration with other tools and infrastructures. Each application-oriented chapter gives you the necessary analytics as well as reproducible, step-by-step descriptions of their implementation with RapidMiner and RapidMiner Server.

How to Extend RapidMiner

How to Extend RapidMiner This guide helps you implement your own RapidMiner extensions with step-by-step explanations of everything you need to know—from building your own operators to designing user interface components. When you are ready, try the tutorial for some hands-on practice.

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