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Read dBase (Advanced File Connectors)


This operator can read dBase files.


This operator can read dBase files. It uses Stefan Haustein's kdb tools.


  • file

    An dBase file is expected as a file object which can be created with other operators with file output ports like the Read File operator.


  • output (Data Table)

    This port delivers the dBase file in tabular form along with the meta data. This output is similar to the output of the Retrieve operator.


  • label_attributeThe (case sensitive) name of the label attribute Range: string
  • id_attributeThe (case sensitive) name of the id attribute Range: string
  • weight_attributeThe (case sensitive) name of the weight attribute Range: string
  • datamanagementDetermines, how the data is represented internally. Range: selection
  • data_fileThe file containing the data Range: filename