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Write MongoDB (NoSQL)


Writes documents to a MongoDB collection.


This operator stores JSON/BSON documents in the specified MongoDB collection.


  • documents (Collection)

    The example set(s) containing the entries which should be transformed to JSON documents.


  • documents (Collection)

    The documents that have been written to the collection. This collection is a subset of the input collection: skipped documents are not included.


  • mongodb_instance The MongoDB instance to be used for storing the documents. Range: Configurable
  • write_concern The write concern which controls the acknowledgment of write operations by MongoDB. See the MongoDB documentation for details. Range: Selection
  • collection The MongoDB collection in which the documents are stored. Range: String
  • skip_invalid_documents If checked, invalid documents (i.e., not in JSON format) are skipped and a warning is logged. Otherwise, the process execution is stopped. Range: Boolean