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Add to Solr (Data) (Solr)


This operator adds an example set to Solr.


To connect to a Solr server, you have to specify a Solr connection. This comprises the URL of a Solr server and an optional user/password combination for authentication. Typically, the Solr server URL ends with the string '/solr'.

The next step is to select a collection on the server. A collection can be imagined as a table. It is composed of several columns, which are called Solr fields. A Solr field has a type (e.g. number) and a key (the name of the column). Each entry in Solr can be imagined as a row and contains values for the respective fields.

A RapidMiner example set has a very similar structure. It also can be imagined as a table. Therefore every row of RapidMiner is added as row in Solr. The RapidMiner attributes are used as Solr collection fields.


  • input (Data Table)

    This port connects the example set, which has to be added.


  • through (Data Table)

    The added example set is provided at this port.


  • connection The connection details for the Solr connection have to be specified. If you have already configured a Solr connection, you can select it from the drop-down list. If you have not configured a Solr connection yet, select the icon to the right of the drop-down list. Create a new Solr connection in the Manage connections dialog. The Solr server URL is required. Additionally, you can specify a username/password combination for authentication. Range: configurable
  • collection Provide the name of the Solr collection, which has to be used to access data. Range: string