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Data to Annotations (RapidMiner Studio Core)


Adds annotations to an object that are extracted from an example set.


The resulting data set will contain two columns: annotation contains the annotation names and is unique. value contains the respective annotation values.

For a general introduction to annotations please have a look at the help of the Annotate operator.


  • object (IOObject)

    Any type of object can be connected to this port. The annotations will be extracted from this object.


  • object through (IOObject)

    The same object as passed to the input port, unchanged.

  • annotations (Data Table)

    The annotations extracted from the input object. Will be empty if the object does not contain any annotations.


  • key_attributeThe attribute which contains the names of the annotations to be created. Should be unique. Range: string
  • value_attributeThe attribute which contains the values of the annotations to be created. If a value is missing, the respective annotation will be removed. Range: string
  • duplicate_annotationsIndicates what should happen if duplicate annotation names are specified.
    • overwrite: If this option is selected, the values existing annotations will be simply overwritten.
    • ignore: If this option is selected, duplicate annotations are ignored and the value of the original annotation is kept.
    • error: If this option is selected, an error is displayed and the process stops if duplicate annotation names are found.
    Range: selection

Tutorial Processes

Annotating an object from a data set

A new data set is created and applied as annotations to the Golf data set.