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Embedded Job Agent

If you set the Job Container number higher than 0 during install, then RapidMiner Server will run a local agent which connects to the DEFAULT queue by default. It works just as any other Job Agent you would install, except that its lifecycle is hooked up to application server's lifecycle. This means if you stop or terminate Server the Job Agent will also be terminated along with the Job Containers it was running. If you start Server up again it will start the agent.

You can find the default Job Agent inside Server's install directory, under job-agent/.

Why is my default Job Agent not starting?

In some scenarios the Server fails to stop the embeded agent and a new Server start would try to initialize the already running agent. In this case you can try to stop the job agent normally, or you have to look up the agent process and its child processes and kill them manually. In this case, make sure you remove the pid file in the agent's directory after killing it.

Please don’t remove the zip file called inside the default agent’s directory.