You are viewing the RapidMiner Server documentation for version 9.1 - Check here for latest version


These sections outlines how to upgrade RapidMiner Server to version 9.1.

Pre upgrade checks

  • Check release notes for the version you plan to upgrade to (and any in between).
  • Check the compatibility of your extensions with the version you plan to upgrade to.

Upgrade RapidMiner Server in a test environment

  • Create a staging copy of your current production environment.
  • Follow the guide below to upgrade your test environment.
  • Test any unsupported extensions, customizations and proxy configuration (if possible) before upgrading your production environment.

Check system requirements

Check the system requirements page to determine if your environment meets the minimum requirements to run the latest version of RapidMiner Server.

Upgrade guides

You can update from any previous version of RapidMiner Server to version 9.1. There is no required upgrade path. Please choose the appropriate upgrade guide below: