You are viewing the RapidMiner Server documentation for version 9.7 - Check here for latest version


RapidMiner Server High Availability has the benefit of being highly scalable and always on, but some features of RapidMiner Server are currently not supported in High Availability mode.

These features are:

Web Apps

Web Apps are optimized for a single instance use only. We cannot guarantee that they will work as expected in a clustered setup. Therefore they are disabled by default. Web Apps can still be enabled by adding

rapidminer.server.webapps.enabled = true

to the configuration file.


Triggers use, for example, the local file system to execute processes in case a file has changed. As RapidMiner Server is running in a clustered mode we cannot guarantee that the file system is always available on every node and thus they are disabled by default.

Limit concurrent UI sessions

As of RapidMiner Server 9.1, the server can limit the number of concurrent UI sessions belonging to a single user. The number of active UI sessions is stored in memory of the Server instance. In a clustered setup of RapidMiner Server, we cannot guarantee that the user always connects to the same instance, and thus limiting the number of UI sessions is not possible.