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What's New in RapidMiner Studio 9.2.1?

Released: March 19th, 2019

The following describes the bug fixes in RapidMiner Studio 9.2.1:

New Features

  • Converted old simple charts of the following data types to the new HTML5 visualizations: Weights, Kernel Models, Correlation Matrices, and Rainflow Matrices.
  • Added RapidMiner Academy learning content to the Global Search.


  • Removed unnecessary process validations while editing operator parameters
  • Visualizations: Histograms now support datetime columns
  • Visualizations: Treemap no longer forces a name column (although it obviously makes a lot of sense using one)
  • Visualizations: Boxplot now has an y axis description if Group by is used
  • Visualizations: Boxplots can now only support 100 value columns at the same time, down from 500 (which was unreadable)
  • Visualizations: Large heatmaps (> 10,000 values) now render considerably faster and are less sluggish. If you plot more than 1 million values on a heatmap, it will however still take a while. Note that this means that large heatmaps can no longer be exported as an SVG (it will be an image instead).
  • Visualizations: Heatmaps can now support 500 value columns at the same time, up from 400.
  • Visualizations: Linear regression lines in Scatter plots now show their linear function in the tooltip
  • Visualizations: Improved some heuristics behind the automated chart selection when opening data for the first time
  • Visualizatons: Fixed missing chart update animations for some settings
  • Visualizations: Added reset button to text fields with custom input (e.g. axis min/max values) which resets the field back to its default value
  • Visualizations: Should now work on vanilla Ubuntu 18.04 out of the box, without having to install "libgconf-2-4"
  • Visualizations: Fixed possible freeze of the chart when looking at tooltips of a Vector plot
  • Visualizations: Attribute values can be a bit longer now before they are cut off


  • Fixed slow popup dialog for selecting attribute subset and user defined attribute ordering
  • Fixed deadlock in statistics calculation in case of 6 or more result sets being opened at the same time
  • Fixed some memory leaks
  • Fixed Apply Feature Set returning wrong meta data
  • Fixed an issue that some User Errors did not appear correctly
  • Fixed an error that sometimes appeared when stopping parallel operators, e.g. Optimize (Grid)
  • Fixed an issue where encrypted settings could not be read
  • Fixed an issue where operator notes were not moved when the operator was pushed out of the way
  • Fixed a crash issue with Print/Export Image function on macOS
  • Fixed a rare bug where CTAs would flicker in a multi monitor setup with Studio showing in a monitor above the primary monitor
  • Fixed meta data for integer or date-time column grouping attributes in Pivot
  • Time Series: Replace Missing Values (Series): fixed case when 'replace infinity' is true and 'skip other missing' is false, that empty strings or infinity values are replaceed with missings instead of just keeping these values.
  • Time Series: Extract Coefficients (Polynomial Fit): Fixed missing meta data information of the indices attribute for the fitted output port
  • Time Series: Process Windows: Fixed name of Window ID attribute in meta data
  • Visualizations: Fixed division by zero error in Histogram plots for histograms on columns with just a single value
  • Visualizations: Fixed jitter not doing anything if only a single distinct value existed in the data for numerical x/y columns
  • Visualizations: Fixed rare error when trying to display a linear regression line on weird data sets