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What's New in RapidMiner Studio 9.7.2?

Released: August 4th, 2020

The following describes the bug fixes in RapidMiner Studio 9.7.2:


  • Send Mail once again allows multiple comma-separated recipients, and uses UTF-8 encoding again as opposed to UTF-16
  • Added advanced parameter settings to Database connections (JDBC). This allows to conveniently set the fetch size and restrict which catalogues, schemes, tables and/or table types should be available w.r.t. meta data. Setting these parameters can speed up data retrieval significantly.
  • Added a confirm dialog before repository folders get moved to avoid accidents while dragging the mouse
  • Improved loading of meta data in the repository tooltip


  • The one class LibSVM can now handle labels with more than one value
  • Fixed rare issue where a file browser might trigger a crash on startup
  • Fixed parameters being less tall than they used to be
  • Made submission of Auto Model processes to Server available for older Server versions again (9.3+)
  • Fixed CSV and XML import wizards not releasing file handles in some cases
  • Metadata of Join now matches the actual result
  • Fixed an issue that could sometimes cause the connection to the AI Hub repository or a project to drop after a while and show the error "authentication cancelled by user" when using Enterprise Login
  • Trying to connect to a project that already exists no longer destroys the connections inside the existing project
  • Fixed rare error when storing collections
  • Fixed meta data loading loop in Auto Model and Model Deployment
  • Fixed problem that prevented URLs from being opened on Linux
  • The dates generated by Generate Sales Data are now all at 00:00:00.000 GMT