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What's new in RapidMiner AI Hub 9.8

Dear RapidMiner User,

The focus for this release has been on Enterprise connectivity and scalability with improvements in LFS, Proxy and database.

Large file support in projects

Use large files in your projects (up to several Gb) without noticing any performance degradation thanks to the new file management mechanism based on Git LFS.

Easier deployment

Move content between environments (from development to production, for example) by downloading and re-uploading content from one project to another. You can now have independent projects (in the same or different AI Hubs) where one (production) is updated with content developed in another (dev).

Deployment download Deployment upload

Connections in Real-time Scoring

Turn any of your processes into fast, scalable and reliable REST endpoints with access to external data. The Real-time Scoring now incorporates RapidMiner connections that can read data from any source, from traditional RDBMS to S3, Twitter and many more.

Queue owners

Manage your queues is the way that fits your organization best. With queue owners, administrative permissions on queues can be delegated so that different areas can have completely independent access to RapidMiner resources, without any interference.

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Enhancements and bug fixes