Python API

Altair RapidMiner provides an open source Python library that allows you to call Altair AI Hub from Python. You can interact with the Project/Repository on Altair AI Hub and run processes on its scalable infrastructure.

The following code snippet demonstrates how easy it is to access Altair AI Hub using the library. To learn more, see the API documentation of the package on GitHub .

import rapidminer
rm = rapidminer.Server("", username="myrmuser")
myinput = rm.read_resource("/home/myrmuser/myinput")
training_dataset_sample = rm.run_process("/home/myrmuser/preprocess", inputs=[myinput])

Make sure you have the Python Scripting extension downloaded from the Marketplace and installed on Altair AI Hub. Follow the Server specific installation instructions for the Python library. Note that you don't need an Altair AI Studio installation locally to be able to interact with Altair AI Hub directly from Python.

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