What's New in RapidMiner AI Hub 10.2?

Released: 16th August 2023

If you are not on version 10 already, please ensure to read the Upgrade from AI Hub 9 migration instructions!

AI Hub 10.2 comes with a brand new implementation of Web API Endpoints, an added feature for automatic Project cleanup, an improved Cron Editor for all cron expressions, and the ability to upload RapidMiner extensions via RapidMiner AI Hub's web interface.

In addition, the License Proxy of 10.2.0 now supports the auth code authorization method for Altair One integration. See more information on the licensing page.

Web API Endpoints

In RapidMiner AI Hub Server 9.x and earlier we have a built-in way to create web endpoints. However, it relies on a monolithic architecture and is integrated with the main application. The dated infrastructure was retired with RapidMiner AI Hub 10 and so unfortunately we also had to remove the old endpoint service. With version 10.2 we are bringing back the feature, it comes not just as a simple replacement but more robust, feature-rich and scalable.

Endpoint creation

The creation of Endpoints is now a guided experience which allows to create multiple endpoints with the same deployment definition. The setup allows among other features to control the exact snapshot to be used as well as several different access control permissions.

Once created the deployments including one or more endpoints get automatically distributed to all Web API Agents associated with the selected Web API Group serving the endpoints. See more details in the architecture section.

The architecture

The base setup is relying on spring cloud and uses RapidMiner Scoring agents which are load-balanced. The scalable architecture consists of Web API Groups and Web API Agents. The Web API Groups are defined in the Server interface where also the permission for user and groups can be defined which are allowed to make use of the resources associated with that group. The Web API Agents are defined via container administration tools. Once created they automatically connect to the specified group.

Automatic Project cleanup

We've added Project clean up which allows you to control the size of your Projects dynamically:

  • Enable cleanup on a per-Project base
  • Pick a trigger when a Project should be cleaned up (size or periodically)
  • Optionally keep arbitrary number of archives which can be accessed through RapidMiner Studio
  • Optionally define a retention policy for cleaning up created archives (count or size)

Improved Cron Editor

We've added a simple way to define your periodic tasks with a visual editor for cron expressions. The new editor can be used in all of RapidMiner AI Hub's web interface forms, in which a cron expression can be defined, e.g., Schedules and Project cleanup.

Upload RapidMiner extensions

For administrators of AI Hub, we've added an additional tab inside the Management -> Extensions web interface page. You can now upload RapidMiner extensions which will get distributed to connected Job Agents and Web API Agents automatically.

There are also other changes going into this release. For a more detailed changelog, please see 10.2.0.