Database Connectors

SQL Connectors

Via connection objects and the Operators Read Database, Write Database, and Update Database, RapidMiner Studio supports all relational database systems offering a fully compliant JDBC driver, including:

  • AccessDB
  • Microsoft SQL Server (JTDS / Microsoft)
  • MySQL
  • Oracle
  • PostgreSQL
  • Sybase

In-Database Processing

Performing various data transformations directly in a relational database system instead of transferring the entire dataset and doing those transformations locally can have multiple benefits:

  • reduced data transfer
  • leveraging the computing power and efficiency of the relational database system
  • ensuring the original data does not leave the relational database

The In-Database Processing extension enables Studio users to perform common data preparation and ETL tasks directly in the relational database. To do this, users can chain operators as they normally would in Studio, and the extension translates this into a complex SQL query that is then executed in the relational database system.

Currently it supports the following products:

  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Oracle
  • Google BigQuery

We are continuously adding support to other database vendors based on popular demand.

To start using In-Database Processing, you need to install the In-Database Processing Extension:

NoSQL Connectors

  • Cassandra Icon Cassandra – connecting to and integrating your Cassandra account with RapidMiner Studio
  • Tree Icon MongoDB – connecting to and integrating your MongoDB account with RapidMiner Studio
  • Solr Solr – connecting to and searching your Solr server with RapidMiner Studio
  • Splunk Splunk – connecting to and searching your Splunk server with RapidMiner Studio

Installing the NoSQL Extension

To connect to Cassandra or MongoDB, you need to install the NoSQL Extension:

Installing the Solr Extension

To connect to Solr, you need to install the Solr Extension:

Installing the Splunk Extension

To connect to Splunk, you need to install the Splunk Extension: