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What's New in RapidMiner Studio 8.0.0?

Released: December 04th, 2017

The following describes the enhancements and bug fixes in RapidMiner Studio 8.0.0:

New features

  • New parallel Loop Parameters operator which can make use of all your CPU cores.
  • New parallel Optimize Parameters (Grid) operator which can make use of all your CPU cores.


  • Searching for operators now automatically ignores simple spelling mistakes.
  • Decision Tree and Random Forest can now handle numerical labels and solve regression problems.
  • For Random Forest there is a new option to select splits of numerical attributes randomly.
  • Decision Tree and Random Forest now provide a new port that outputs feature weights.
  • Connections of removed operators can now be kept if feasible.
  • Parallel loops have a new log value iteration_number that is independent of parallel execution. This should be used instead of applycount.
  • Improved warnings for wrong input data types for Loop Attributes and Loop Values.
  • More informative error messages for Seemingly Unrelated Regression.
  • Improved documentation for the following operators: Naive Bayes, Normalize, k-Means, k-NN, Join, Performance (Binominal Classification), and Seemingly Unrelated Regression.


  • When using parallel operators inside other parallel operators (e.g. Cross Validation inside Loop), your CPU cores are now fully utilized instead of most of them sitting idle. This amounts to a drastic performance increase in those situations.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Connections stored on RM Server via the Studio UI to not work for processes executed on RapidMiner Server. If this affects you, please open Manage Connections and press Save all changes.
  • Fixed median computation for Aggregate in edge cases.
  • Fixed a bug in cluster model results when clicking on elements in the Folder view.
  • Fixed a bug in the visualization of slider elements in the UI when used with certain min/max values.
  • Fixed Churn template input size.
  • Fixed problem when exiting RapidMiner Studio while an error bubble was shown.